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Inside 3D Printing 2018 preview by conference chair Prof. Franz-Josef Villmer

Additive Manufacturing as a Driver of Digital Manufacturing

From Data Stream to Physical Products

Digitalization changes the entire value creation of manufacturing and the application of additive manufacturing technologies fits perfectly in the world of digital manufacturing. It drives a disruptive change in the product realization process, comparable to the advent of electric vehicles or alternative energy technologies. New materials, novel business models, complex product design, new applications and job profiles as well as legal and social aspects characterize this evolution. Besides these direct implications of additive manufacturing, superordinate connections play an increasingly important role in the future of manufacturing. Together with robotics, artificial intelligence, nanomaterials and other exponential technologies, additive manufacturing will significantly shape the future.

The media hype has made 3D printing an omnipresent theme. Inside 3D Printing, as the leading additive manufacturing conference, however, makes additive manufacturing the center of attention and focuses on the latest commercial innovations, today’s enormous efforts in research, the development of technologies and equipment, as well as the application and integration into a complete product realization process. All stakeholders of additive manufacturing are addressed by Inside 3D Printing.

Let´s take a look over the horizon. Optimism, innovations, opportunities and risks will pave the way on which we move forward into the future of manufacturing.

7 August, 2017 - 01.30 PM