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Exclusive Interview with Bernhard Langefeld

Bernhard Langefeld, Principal, Roland Berger, Engineered Products & High Tech Principal at Roland Berger, Engineered Products & High Tech – What potential do you see in additive manufacturing technologies in the next 10 years? I think additive manufacturing has a great potential, however some constraints exist. Additive Manufacturing (AM) was … Read More

6 March, 2014 - 12.33 PM - | no responses

Dr. Eric Klemp about the potential, threats and a possible future for additive manufacturing processes!

Additive manufacturing processes have great potential. In 10 years, numerous additive parts, which are nowadays produced in other manufacturing processes, will certainly be used in many industries. Its potential is in particular to produce individual parts and small series fast and tool-less. This provides opportunities in many industries and creates … Read More

17 February, 2014 - 04.28 PM - | no responses

Exclusive interview with Terry Wohlers

Terry WohlersPrincipal Consultant and PresidentWohlers Associates, Inc. – Which issues, threats, and risks do you see to the advances in 3D printing technologies? If you are referring to using the technology for manufacturing parts that go into final products, I see a wide range of challenges and issues. If you … Read More

30 January, 2014 - 04.31 PM - | one response