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Exhibitors and Sponsors 2015

Gold Sponsors 2015

Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare. The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to dentistry and brain surgery. It is also a world leader in the field of additive manufacturing (also referred to as metal 3D printing), where it is the only UK business that designs and makes industrial machines which ‘print' parts from metal powder. The Renishaw Group currently has more than 70 offices in 35 countries, with over 4,000 employees worldwide. Around 2,800 people are employed within the UK where the company carries out the majority of its research and development and its manufacturing.

SLM Solutions
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SLM Solutions GmbH in Lübeck-Germany is a leading manufacturer of selective laser melting equipment for metals and vacuum casting equipment for polyurethanes. SLM Solutions also produces and sells bismuth based low melting metal alloys and various consumables as well as metal powders for selective laser melting processes.

The pioneer from prototyping to production is servicing its customers for more than 50 years and has long time experience in rapid prototyping construction and processes.

SLM Solutions focuses its business policy on development, production and distribution of innovative added layer manufacturing systems. Main industries are energy, aviation, automotive, medical, consumer electronics and education. Thereby the company concentrates on its core competences and offers flexible development processes for fast production for key customers who aim for serial production.

As "Pioneer from Prototyping to Production" SLM Solutions stands for highest quality, process reliability and effectivity.

Latest innovation is the SLM®500HL providing a build chamber of 500 x 280 x 325 (mm) and a unique double beam technology. Each of the two fibre lasers (400/1000W) operate on the powder bed by a 3D scanning unit, whereas two laser beam profiles are working at the same time.

For more information please visit our website under

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Altair provides Innovation Intelligence.

Out of this self-conception we are advocating a simulation driven design philosophy.

OptiStruct, developed by Altair is since 20 years the leading tool for topology optimization in the market. OptiStruct includes an unparalleled number of possibilities to articulate optimization tasks. Our engineering force is the most experienced in the world, when it comes to the application of numerical optimization in industrial applications. So we are performing optimization projects at every major Aero and Automotive OEM.

Based on this we created INSPIRE, the only concept design tool of its kind which is as easy to use as a smartphone app but brings behind the scenes the experience of an optimization expert to the table.
Adding a styling tool like EVOLVE in the process relieves the user from many painful time consuming tasks. Embedded in the process it can deploy all its power at its best. Adding new functionality like the polymesh technology is accelerating the process in an unknown manner.

So we assure that our clients unlock the true potential of Additive Manufacturing.

Silver Sponsor 2015

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Materialise incorporates 27 years of 3D printing experience into a range of software solutions and 3D printing services, which together form the backbone of a 3D Printing industry.  Materialise works with industry and research across healthcare, automitive, aerospace, design and consumer goods.

Exhibitors 2015

3D Printing Industry
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3D Printing Industry is the leading online news service and authority on additive manufacturing. With over 5 years of reporting on 3D printing behind us, we are the first choice for comprehensive, accurate and up to date news about all aspects our industry. This year 3DPI will host the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards. Please visit our site for more information.

Are you looking for the right solution for your product development? Or do you need assistance becau- se your own technical possibilities have been exhausted?

The team of Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG offers products, services and advice for tasks to where “normal“ CAD / CAM systems fail.

We specialize in the design and processing of organic shapes as for example in medicine and art.

We offer high-end products from Artec 3D, Solutionix, 3D Systems Geomagic, netfabb among others. With our extensive knowledge and competence we have satisfied customers from almost all markets and industries.

The team around Antonius Köster analyses the actual need of technologies and the know-how needed. Our solutions are not scientific theories but rather production-related.

Our clients are working on new ideas and we are delivering the missing puzzle pieces to assist the realization.

Artec Group
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Artec Group manufactures and develops professional 3D hardware and software. Artec is a global market leader in 3D scanners, used by thousands of people all over the world.

The 3D scanners work in real time, marker free and with extremely high precision. Their versatility means they are employed in a wide range of fields, including reverse engineering, medical imaging, archeology, art digitalization, computer animation, prototyping, and anthropology to name a few.

The company's latest product is Artec Shapify Booth, a 3D body scanning machine for making 3D printed portraits, or shapies.

Artec Shapify Booth is the world's first high speed 3D full body scanner with automatic post processing. It takes just 12 seconds to scan a person in high resolution and 15 minutes to create a detailed printable 3D model. The scanning booth allows thousands of customers to create a shapie, capturing their most precious moments in 3D: graduation day, wedding day, their first child or just in fancy dress/ sports kit.
Perfect for venues with a heavy footfall, the Shapify Booth capitalizes on existing customer flows, attracts new customers and ensures customers return to the venue to collect their shapie. The booth can also be moved to different locations to maximise customer numbers. Set it up in a busy place, such as a theme park, shopping mall or airport, and watch the crowds build and the shapie sales rocket.

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be3D are a young 3D printer manufacturer that produces two high-quality printers; The desktop DeeGreen model and the large professional DeeRed. The printers are easy and safe to use and bring extraordinary design to the EU, US and Asian 3D printing markets. Currently expanding beyond Czech borders, be3D brings innovation, reliability and efficiency to all 3D printer users.
The Blue Production GmbH & Co. KG is located in central Germany. The short ways from Paderborn to all places in Germany guarantee fast reaction and delivery times. The company was founded by Hans-Ulrich Büse after about 15 years of experience in the field of additive manufacturing. To meet all customer requests we invest in a large machine park in our facility with more than 1.000 square meters. Our services range from 3D-Printing, SLA-Components, SLS-Components in plastic and metal, vacuum casting, up to small series of injection molding. In many cases, we operate also as a development and design partner for our customer.
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citim – Shaping Visions
citim is a manufacturing service provider specialized in rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and small batch production of models, working prototypes and duplicate parts. Furthermore, all services are brought together in one place covering the whole production chain: from part conception to assembly completion.

citim is a leading supplier for metal AM components with 14 new-generation machines running in Germany and the United States, where the company's second production site is located. Beside metal AM, citim masters a wide range of manufacturing technologies like additive manufacturing of plastic parts, polyamide/vacuum casting, injection molding, precision/sand casting, die casting and HSC/CNC milling.
Self-evidently all processes run accredited to the quality assurance standard ISO 9001:2008.

Concept Laser
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Concept Laser GmbH is located in Lichtenfels , Germany and since its foundation 2000, it has been regarded as a pioneer in the field of additive manufacturing with metals. With the LaserCUSING® process, the company is involved in many industries like mould, jewellery, medical, dental, automotive and aerospace. The term LaserCUSING®, made up of the letter C from Concept Laser and the word fusing (complete melting), describes the technology used: the fusion process generates components layer by layer using 3D CAD data.

The metal laser melting machines from Concept Laser process powder materials from high-grade and tool steels, nickel-based superalloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, reactive aluminum or titanium alloys as well as precious metals like gold and silver. Standard machines and customer-specific machine concepts for the LaserCUSING® of metals are offered. For more information, visit:

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EOS is the world's leading technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the area of additive manufacturing (AM). The company, which was founded in 1989, is a pioneer and global leader in the area of direct metal laser sintering, and also a provider of a leading polymer technology. For these industrial 3D printing processes, EOS offers a modular solutions portfolio that consists of systems, software, materials, as well as technical and AM consulting services. EOS is the partner of choice for industrial AM-based production, and provides long-term solutions for industry. Customers using these solutions are able to take advantage of light-weight structures, cost reductions based on functional integration, product customization and accelerated product development and production.

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Formlabs designs and manufactures powerful and accessible 3D printing systems for engineers, designers, and artists. Their flagship product, the Form 2 3D printer, uses stereolithography (SLA) to create high-resolution physical objects from digital designs. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of engineers and designers from the MIT Media Lab and Center for Bits and Atoms. With its powerful, intuitive, and affordable machines, Formlabs is establishing a new benchmark in professional desktop 3D printing. Formlabs also develops its own suite of high-performance materials for 3D printing, as well as best-in-class 3D printing software.

Fraunhofer Institut
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Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden is involved in fundamental and applied research to develop new sintered and composite materials, as well as cellular metallic materials manufactured with innovative technologies derived from powder metallurgy. The scope of our services includes the industrial implementation of the results we obtain, up to the manufacturing of prototype components. Substantial experience with technology and material structures makes it possible for us to design cellular metallic and composite materials in which combinations of properties are tailored to individual applications. The design of materials and components is facilitated by special technologies, such as 3D Metal Printing, electron beam melting, melt spinning, melt extraction, Spark Plasma Sintering, microwave sintering, and moulding techniques. The development is focussed on lightweight materials, materials for tribological applications and thermal management, high temperature materials and hydrogen storage alloys to be used in transportation industry, electronics, energy technology, and mechanical engineering.
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FTAS Sky is endless

Technology is our passion!

Upgrade your business

We stand for Innovative Technologies and State of the Art Manufacturing Technology. In addition to our 5-axis machining we specialise on Micro 3D Lasercoating Techniques. Our laser Fusion is a "forward-Iooking" layer construction process- able to produce fully dense metallic components directly from a computer aided design. This fine metallic powder is melted (sintered) using a high-performance ytterbium fibre laser and is formed directly into a three-dimensional functional component.

Complex and highly weight-reduced components which are not able to be manufactured byconventional production techniques are instead produced in a "Iayer by layer" process with this method. Component groups can be now produced for a one component, which is manufactured in a single process. Virtually any imaginable design is possible to manufacture and the innovative possibilities of the component functionality are almost limitless.

Take advantage of the reduced cost offered by this process for small production batches and prototypes and we are sure you will be convinced of the benefits.

We specialise in:

~ economical product ion of highly complex geometries

~ manufacturing of complex metal components in special materials.

Digital Metal
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Digital Metal® is Höganäs’ revolutionary, proprietary precision ink-jet technology for additive manufacturing and 3D printing of metal components and systems. It offers a unique capacity to rapidly and cost-effectively produce highly complex and intricate designs and features for metallic parts. As the world moves steadily towards more generative and flexible manufacturing methods, Digital Metal is at the forefront of this development. Höganäs is headquartered in Sweden and best known for its pioneering work in metal powders.

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo is the leading B2B trade show for the 3D printing industry. Forthcoming shows include London, New York, Santa Clara, Sao Paulo, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Mumbai. Secure your sponsorship or exhibition placement today.

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MakerBot Europe is your partner for 3D printing in Europe and offers sales, training and service for distribution- & reseller-channel, strategic accounts within Europe and programmes for the educational field in schools and universities. MakerBot, a subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd., was founded in 2009 and specializes in desktop 3D printers and scanners. MakerBot is a leader in the desktop 3D printer market with more than 50,000 MakerBot 3D Printers out in the world. MakerBot sets itself apart by offering an entire MakerBot 3D Ecosystem that makes 3D printing easy and accessible for everyone. The MakerBot 3D Ecosystem includes its 3D printers and scanners, its website, the world's largest 3D design community for discovering, printing and sharing 3D models, its software, apps and partnerships with leading companies.
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Nanoscribe´s 3D printers are designed for the fabrication of true three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures into photosensitive materials. The unique performance is based on two photon polymerization. The compact table-top laser lithography systems enable very fast and highest-resolution manufacturing of 3D micro-objects. This unique ability opens up a multitude of applications, e.g. in photonics, micro-optics, micro-fluidics, nano- and microtechnology, mechanical metamaterials, and life sciences.
Ortho Baltic
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Coming from the field of technical orthopaedics and having almost over a decade experience in engineering and manufacturing, we use our mass customization business model and our know-how in modern three-dimensional digitization of objects, rapid prototyping and manufacturing. What we had learned in quick and intelligent production of orthopaedic products, we have extended to other fields. Currently we design and manufacture bespoke products tailored to the client‘s needs, prototypes and final parts, as well as proceed in custom-made and small series production. Ortho Baltic implants and Smart Factory are the brands that provide rapid manufacturing services and are the part of Ortho Baltic group. Including parent enterprise with subsidiaries, we are a high-tech company, having more than 120 people in our staff .We master intelligent engineering techniques, 3D metal printing, milling and etc., that allow us to manage efficient production of bespoke pieces at a reasonable price.
Picco’s 3D World
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Launch of PICCO’s 3D World @ PICCO Group

Since 1989, PICCO is established as your partner in the 2D- print market for print, copy, fax and scan applications.
In order to fulfill future requirements from the markets, PICCO’s 3D World was founded in July 2014:

PICCO goes 3D:
In our new 400sqm High-Tec location in Deggendorf (Germany) we present a full range of 3D printers from DELTATOWER (we are the exclusive reseller for Germany) ) Makerbot, Mcor Iris (the most price attractive and environmental friendly, full color 3D printer) and Ultimaker. Next to the printers itself we provide a full range of service for the printers and assist you with our experience in the 3D world.
Furthermore we offer services for these printers: Objet 30 pro from Stratasys and for Zprinter Projet 660pro from 3D Systems.

3D Events: At our facility and Mobile at your Place
You can rent our location for you company events including 3D printer training.
Our highlight: rent our mobile photogrammetry cabin for your event to design 3D-Selfies for your customers and team.

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Sharebot srl is a young firm focused on the realization of 3d printers, a young start-up with the mission to develop and produce technology in the 3d printing world. While the first project was a DIY printer, now we want to be able to create innovative and easy to use 3D printers capable of professional results. Our printers can be used by professional or not professional users.

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ANSYS SpaceClaim is the leading 3D Direct Modeling software solution on the market from ANSYS, INC. It enables anyone to create, edit, and repair geometry without worrying about technology. With ANSYS SpaceClaim, working with 3D modeling software becomes fast, easy, flexible, and rewarding, no matter where in the workflow you need it. SpaceClaim was acquired by ANSYS INC. in 2014.
MBFZ toolcraft GmbH
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Toolcraft manufactures precision parts, assemblies, moulds and injection moulded parts. The medium-sized family-run company is a byword for highest quality in the shortest time. With inexhaustible innovative drive, modern machines and a high rate of certification, we offer total solutions from a single source.

Industries served:
  • aerospace
  • defence and security
  • motor sports and automotive
  • medical technology
  • semiconductors
  • optical industry and optoelectronics
  • special machinery manufacturing
Part of our corporate philosophy is an intensive cooperation with partners, such as Unicam Software GmbH, YPTI Indonesia, CONCEPT Laser GmbH and Solidpro GmbH.

Metal laser melting technology combined with proven expertise in turning and milling hard-to-machine materials (including mono-crystalline materials, titanium and nickel based alloys and aviation grade steel) ensures important added value. Furthermore, the measuring and testing of end products is an essential aspect of the total solutions we offer. A highly qualified team and modern optical and tactile measuring and testing technology assure verified quality. A crack detection system for non-destructive surface testing of components using fluorescent penetrant completes our range of services.

Sponsors 2015

Concept Laser GmbH is located in Lichtenfels , Germany and since its foundation 2000, it has been regarded as a pioneer in the field of additive manufacturing with metals. With the LaserCUSING® process, the company is involved in many industries like mould, jewellery, medical, dental, automotive and aerospace. The term LaserCUSING®, made up of the letter C from Concept Laser and the word fusing (complete melting), describes the technology used: the fusion process generates components layer by layer using 3D CAD data.

The metal laser melting machines from Concept Laser process powder materials from high-grade and tool steels, nickel-based superalloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, reactive aluminum or titanium alloys as well as precious metals like gold and silver. Standard machines and customer-specific machine concepts for the LaserCUSING® of metals are offered. For more information, visit:

This is the MBot 3D printer team. MBot 3D belongs to Magicfirm, LLC. Magicfirm is located in Hangzhou China, a beautiful city. It has been in the 3D Printing business from 2009. MBot 3D printer, based on open source 3d printer, started in 2011. MBot3D is committed to making high quality, affordable personal 3d printers for everyone.

VOXELJET - YOUR PARTNER FOR DIGITAL PRODUCTION voxeljet is a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems and operates, service centres for the "on-demand production" of moulds and models for metal casting. voxeljet SYSTEMS business division focuses on the development, production and distribution of the market´s fastest and most powerful 3D printing systems. Today, voxeljet has a well-coordinated product range that reaches from smaller entry models to large-format machines, and therefore offers the perfect 3D print system for many application areas. voxeljet SERVICES custom parts service centre creates sand moulds and plastic models based on CAD data on demand. Small-batch and prototype manufacturers appreciate the automatic, patternless manufacture of their casting moulds and 3D models.The company's customer base includes well-known automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, foundries as well as innovative companies from the arts design as well as the movie and entertainment industry.

Guangzhou Yousu TECH focuses on the production and sales of 3D printer and 3D filament. We
have gained several patents and utility model patents. The IDRAWING 3D Pen sre warmly welcome in schools, the big size 3d printer gets lots of appreciation in education, industry, art design field...etc. We also focus on 3D filament, by self-developing and cooperating with international team, now we have developed FDM series, Wax model filament and SLA series. All of them get warm reputation in the market.

Media Partners 2015 - Das Magazin für 3D Drucktechnologien

Das unabhängige und täglich aktuelle Magazin bietet interessierten Lesern einen vollständigen Überblick rund um das Thema 3D-Druck und additive Fertigung. Auf unserer Plattform finden Sie neben den aktuellsten Entwicklungen auch eine umfangreiche und aktuelle Liste an 3D-Drucker, Software, Dienstleister, Hersteller sowie alle wichtigen Veranstaltungen und Termine.

We set our goal to reduce the lack of information and knowledge regarding additive manufacturing or commonly known as 3d printing. The 3d printing technology is part of the upcoming topic of digitalization and surely one of the most interesting.

Creativity, individuality and the urge to find recognition and personal fulfillment causes people again and again to concentrate their energy on realizing their ideas. With the help of internet and 3d printing the way how companies are built will be completely disrupted. goes along with the people, who make our lifes better, more colourful and more interesting and informs the reader about the most important news in the 3d printing space. is The Voice of 3D Printing Technologies, covering all the latest 3D printing industry news along with in-depth editorials and investigate reporting. Additionally offers resources for 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts alike, including the largest 3D printing message board,, as well as outlets fore-commerce, webcasts, white papers, online education and more.

3D Print Pulse brings together the best daily content from over 60 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing thought leaders, including, Phillip Cotton, Leslie Langnau, and Lav Radis among many others. Using the social media signals from the audience, our proprietary curation engine ranks this content so that each of our readers receive the best and most personalized content. Join 20,000 other business professionals focused on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. 
Visit the site, subscribe to our newsletter and see what your peers are
reading. For more information, visit:

Are you interested in 3D printing but not sure where to start? is here to help. We are the One Stop Shop for information and resources to get you started in 3D printing today. No hype or guru talk, just plain hands-on advice! is not an usual website about 3D printing, that’s the place of gathering of enthusiasts and fans of this developing technology. Read interesting news, as well as get to know how to create 3d models and find best ever deals for 3D printing filaments among popular websites that offer 3D printing materials of different types. – the magazine for 3D printing technologies considers itself as a purely informative medium for the fascinating topic of 3D printing. You can read daily updated news about this interesting and increasingly popular field.

AMazing’s website is dedicated solely to additive manufacturing technologies, including subset technologies like 3D Printing. We work with leading institutions, organizations and industry leaders to provide news, inspiration and education to an audience of youth, students, entrepreneurs and professionals, worldwide.
Berlin Valley

Berlin Valley, das Manager Magazin für Vordenker und Macher der digitalen Welt, ist die Pflichtlektüre für Startup-Unternehmer und Innovationsmanager in ganz Deutschland, sowie für alle, die sich für das Gründen interessieren. Es bietet den besten Zugang zur Startup-Szene. Berlin Valley steht für Analysen und Hintergrund-Reportagen, Personalien, Finanzierungsrunden, Statistiken sowie zahlreiche exklusive Interviews mit den Shooting-Stars der deutschen

Biofabrication focuses on research regarding the use of cells, proteins, biological materials and biomaterials as building blocks to manufacture biological systems and/or therapeutic products.

Das Fachmagazin für den Konstruktions- und Engineering-Bereich berichtet über alle Aspekte, die bei der integrierten (ganzheitlichen) Produktentwicklung wichtig sind. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Lösungen und Strategien für ein leistungsfähiges Engineering sowie Innovationen aus der Antriebstechnik, Automation, E-Technik, Fluidtechnik, Verbindungstechnik und Konstruktionsbauteile.

Im Mittelpunkt von DIGITAL MANUFACTURING stehen Grund-lagen, Methoden, technische Trends, IT-Lösungen sowie praxisnahe Anwendungsbeispiele aus dem Bereich der digitalen Prozesskette in der Produktion. Das Magazin vermittelt, welche Produktivitätsvorteile sich in der Produktion durch die richtigen Strategien und Lösungen erzielen lassen.

dima digitale maschinelle Fertigung

Die dima ist eine Wissens- und Kommunikationsplattform für die spanende Metallbearbeitung.

Die Fachzeitschrift berichtet in Print und Online über die Voraussetzungen für eine wirtschaftliche Zerspanung mit bestimmter und unbestimmter Schneide, wie Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Reiben und Sägen sowie Schleifen. Besonderer Wert wird zusätzlich auf die Berichterstattung über die Digitalisierung der spanenden Fertigung gelegt.

Die dima bietet Produktionsunternehmen die Informationen, mit denen sie den Herausforderungen der sich ändernden Fertigungslandschaft begegnen können. Die Fachzeitschrift wendet sich an die technisch Verantwortlichen in allen Branchen mit spanender Fertigung. 

The Direct Manufacturing Research Center is engaged in Additive Manufacturing (AM) methods, one of most important technologies of the future. The basic advantages are reduced production and process costs, shorter lead time, realization of complicated component geometry and demand oriented and timely production of components and spare parts. The introduction of the AM technology is bound to revolutionize design and construction because the designer can now concentrate on the requirements of the application instead of constricting his ideas depending on the manufacturing limitations. The DMRC consortium has at present the following members: The Boeing Company, Evonik Industries, EOS Electro Optical Systems GmbH, SLM Solutions GmbH, Stratasys Inc., Siemens AG, SAC (Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites) GmbH, Blue Production GmbH, Wilhelm Eisenhuth GmbH, H&H Gesellschaft für Engineering und Prototypenbau mbH, PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG, Janson & Even GmbH and Lego. All the members share a common cause and interest, to develop and establish this new process of AM as an accepted standard manufacturing process. This process differs substantially from other known manufacturing processes; here the part will be manufactured layer for layer instead of removing material. In this special arrangement between the University of Paderborn and the State of North Rhine Westphalia the State will invest 5.5 million € if industry partners also commit (project bound) to invest the same amount. Thus DMRC can have at its disposal up to 11 million € (till 2016) which can be used for research as well as product and process development. Till now eight professors and 22 doctoral candidates are actively involved in interdisciplinary and cross process research projects which are application and industry oriented. The research projects can be broadly classified into technology specific fundamental research and cross sector themes. The projects are linked to the three AM processes available at DMRC, Laser Sintering, Laser Melting and Fused Deposition Modeling. The knowledge gained here is indispensable for the successful applications in AM as the manufacturing principles here are different than in conventional manufacturing. Complete new avenues can be exploited by the designer if he knows the new possibilities available to him. At DMRC new design rules are being developed along with quality management and cost analysis. The future perspective of AM is also looked into to develop future markets and applications with partners. On the basis of this analysis strategies will be issued to the research community in the area of AM. This unique constellation at the University of Paderborn, with the state of Nord Rhine Westphalia and the industry partners helps to bundle the available skills and resources for the common cause of developing AM.
European Tool & Mould Making (ETMM) is a European-wide magazine focused on sourcing solutions for the tool and mould making industry.
Made in Europe is a source for everyone in the Benelux who is involved in both additive manufacturing and machining technology. We focus on technology that gives Western European companies the tools to compete on a world scale. Additive manufacturing is a focus point. Twice a year we publish 3D-print magazine, a printed magazine about additive manufacturing for the manufacturing industry (written in Dutch).

MM Maschinenmarkt is the leading German industry magazine for the manufacturing industry. It was founded in 1894 and is part of the German Vogel Business Media Group with more than 900 employees worldwide. MM is the official media partner for most known industry fairs that is EMO, Hannover Messe, METAV, AYTOMATICA, AMB, EuroBLECH, Motek, COMPAMED, LOGISTIK. MM has a worldwide network of 12 subsidaries and is issuing a worldwide circulation of more than 6 million magazines per year.


Prototype Today is an informational resource website for 3d printing, rapid prototyping and manufacturing videos, news and events. The site contains over 3,900 videos broken down into 50+ categories for easy access. There are also over 4,000 articles and press releases available to search by a variety of criteria including company, most recent, tags, most popular and by month. is an Online Trade Magazine featuring Products, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the Industrial Automation, Robotics and Unmanned Vehicle industries. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization, our philosophy is to create an outlet where the industry can share information and report on itself.

The 3D printing Association (3DPA) is tasked with the development and promotion of a thriving 3D printing industry globally. Our role is to advance the awareness and implementation of 3D printing and additive manufacturing around the world. We are dedicated to providing manufacturers, designers, resellers and the entire 3D printing community with a committed resource that actively promotes, develops and supports all elements of the industry acting as a robust advocate for the technology.
Das „third DIMENSIONS magazine“ berichtet unabhängig und global über Unternehmen, Produkte, Technologien, Einsatz- als auch Dienstleistungsbereiche rund um das Thema 3D-Druck. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Mitwirkung, Unterstützung und Zusammenarbeit.
VDW - Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken

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