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September 4-7, 2016 | IFA Berlin


Inside 3D Printing, the leading exposition for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing is coming to Berlin, in partnership with IFA, the World’s leading consumer electronics show!

This edition focuses on the B2B2C channel, encompassing consumer, education, SMB sectors and mid-to-low end 3D printers, associated suppliers and software.

It will take place September 4th to 7th in Berlin, Germany, as part of IFA’s Global Markets feature. IFA attracts over 249.000 visitors, 60% of whom are from the channel.

The Expo

The Inside 3D Printing Pavilion will be located within IFA Global Markets, in a special location called the Station, popular with hi-tech events and covering roughly 20.000 sqm. The exhibits at the Station will focus solely on the B2B2C and retail channels, rather than consumer visitors, to ensure maximum opportunity for networking and lead generation.

At the Inside 3D Printing Expo a 360 degree insight into the consumer 3D printing industry will be provided: As an attendee, you’ll watch the latest 3D printers and services in action. Other cutting-edge exhibitor groups from around the globe, including robotics and drones, will also be on display in the IFA Global Markets feature.

What others say about the conference

Stefan Ritt, Export, Sales & Marketing Manager
We think it´s surprisingly valuable because of this international audience. We did not estimate so many people by volume to come to this conference. The previous conferences of that kind in Germany had a third or a quarter of the audience so far.
Terry Wohlers, Principal Consultant & President, Wohlers Associates Inc.
It was very exciting not only to see these events come about, but the audience, the number of people is unprecedented. People are very enthusiastic, they´re asking good questions, they´re energized and optimistic but also realistic. They want good information and you have to attend events like this to become educated and get good, accurate information. Both the good the bad and sometime the ugly.
Michael Eichmann, CEO, RTC Rapid Technologies GmbH
We have the first time in Berlin at this great show and we met a lot of people from the industry, the hobby and from the education market. So this show is fantastic for us to present different solutions from the small Makerbots to the professional machines.
Ingo Ederer, CEO, Voxeljet AG
Better than estimated, much better than estimated. It´s a great audience. I personally met a lot of people coming from the automotive industry, I met people coming from construction, engineering and design. So various things and it´s really nice to see so many people interested in 3D-Printing and especially people we never met before.

What Delegates Thought of Inside 3D Printing




        Inside 3D Printing, the leading B2B Conference for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing joins METAV! Nearly 40,000 Visitors, focused Additive Manufacturing Pavilion and three Conference Tracks Ensure Maximum Knowledge Transfer and Networking.


        • Who is Who in the global 3D printing community
        • 2 Days of packed programme
        • 50+ sessions on latest topics, trends, success stories and strategies for the 3D printing world
        • Speakers from Stratasys, HP, Airbus, EDAG, EOS, Boeing, DMG, Fraunhofer and many more
        • Programme director, Dr.-Ing. Eric Klemp, CEO of the DMRC (Direct Manufacturing Research Center)
        • Exchange and learn from top international experts

        Exhibition and Networking

        • Exhibition integrated with METAV
        • 30+ Exhibitors and Sponsors
        • Companies like SLM, Renishaw, Materialise,ConceptLaser, Artec Group and many more
        • 360 degree insight into the 3D printing industry – B2B and B2C machines, tools, software and materials
        • Networking on the highest level

        Exhibit Hall Hours

        February 23-26: 9.00am – 5.00pm
        February 27: 9.00am – 4.00pm

        Key Topics at Inside 3D Printing 2016

        Metallic processes / hybrid processes

        Inside 3D Printing presents fascinating demonstrations and case studies by suppliers of additive manufacturing machines as well as the so-called hybrid machines. Examples from technologies already in use and on the market will be shown alongside some of the major innovations in the field. Some of the most promising emerging machines suppliers will provide know-how about all-in-one additive/subtractive manufacturing machines, presenting a number of new techniques in the world of 3D Printing. Additionally, top international experts will share with the audience their views on the current state of technology as well as their expectations for the future.

        New Technologies

        New techniques and experts’ expectations will be one of the key aspects of the conference, during which we will go over a wide selection of possibilities. Two of the most popular are: the combination of additive manufacturing and sheet metal removal; the use of carbon fibres to enable a new kind of design in components production.


        The presentation of the best practice in 3D Printing is another core goal of this event. Aerospace is one of the leading industries fostering additive manufacturing, but we will collect a variety of other examples as well, such as from consumer products and automotive. Consumer products, in fact, are already a solid presence in the household market, for example, as well as in the production of food processing items and sports items. Automotive applications on the other hand are just starting out in the world of 3D Printing and it will be fascinating to have car and parts manufacturers presenting their view and approaches.

        Market and industrial future of AM

        Top speakers will share knowledge about the future of additive manufacturing in different branches, such as aviation and automotive. The Market is moving fast and the stock-exchange seems to be unstable. Therefore, we will get investors’ opinions about the future of the market and their possible outlook on additive manufacturing.

        Research and development

        Research and Development in Research Institutes and Universities is fostering and engaging in many studies related to additive manufacturing. A variety of research topics examples will be shown, but the main focus will be on Polymer Laser Sintering, Laser melting and FDM, and industrial research will be combined with the topology optimisation for functions.

        Funding / funded projects

        Public funded projects guarantee the execution of new fields of research while expenses and results are shared. Some of the most important funding sources are the European Commission and the National Ministry of Education and Research. Top experts in this field will provide their point of view, the possible sources to be taken into account, as well as examples of projects.

        Standards and regulations

        In order to guarantee high quality projects and gain trust, meeting national and international standards and getting recommendation is essential. We aim to draw attention to these aspects so as to give an overview on what has to be taken into account to fulfill the end-users’ demand.

        Related Topics

        Many other topics will be raised: some buzzwords will be “integration in the field of logistics”, “new software approaches and possibilities”, “approaches of AM in the field of Industry 4.0”, “what kind of safety regulations have to be considered” – and finally an overview about the “worldwide activities in AM”.

        Inside 3D Printing Berlin 2014 Video

        Last years participants! Here are some of them:

        Exhibit Hall Hours

        February 23-27, 9.00am – 5.00pm (Saturday: 9.00am – 4.00pm)